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Shelby Thatcher,
Certified Real Estate Consultant

Making Your Vision a Reality

Buying and selling homes is a job, I guess you could say, but it is a very personal experience for me. I

become so vested not in just buying or selling your home with you, but in your life. I cry when amazing

people call me to list their home and I know we will lose them in our community and I cry my ugly happy

cry when I see great people secure the purchase of a wonderful new home. I get to be part of more

than selling or buying a home but part of life with you…new jobs, deaths, new babies, sicknesses,

divorces, etc. This job is not just a paycheck to me…it is what life is all about…people! YOU! Meeting all

kinds of inspiring people, learning from their experiences, and knitting my hearts with your as we go

through one of the most important transactions of your lives and all the other daily happenings. I have

literally seen miracles on both sides of the real estate transaction as selling clients need to sell quickly

and we go under contract in less than 24 hours to buyers needing a home and the perfect one coming

up just in the nick of time.

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